About this site

Ulujain.org for many years was a place I dumped everything that I decided should belong online. Image galleries, walkthroughs, blogs, wikis, game and film reviews, and not a few book reviews either.

I've run different software technologies here: PHP-Nuke, WordPress, Menalto Gallery, MediaWiki, Drupal...sometimes it's been simple and plain HTML. This new site is also mostly HTML and CSS, blended with other technologies. Like slideshows.

After twenty years of existence, this site has entered the realm of the avant-garde. It will be a repository for my textual and pictorial excursions, and also a testbed for web technologies that interest me. Consequently, while I'll strive to keep the site W3C compliant, I can't (and won't) guarantee that it'll render correctly on your device, and in your browser. It should, but no wagers will be taken. This is especially true for those who - for whatever reason - are using Internet Explorer version 9 and below.

Along with the cutting edge technologies, I'm paying scant regard to page size, loading times and so on. A lot of these pages will be loaded with external font libraries, script libraries and images. All of which can make things problematical for those viewing Ulujain.org on a narrowband connection. Sorry. I've been there, done that, and watched the spinning icon. This site is an outlet for self-indulgence.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride.


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