Look here for Ultima Underworld 2 maps.

Level 1 This is the one where you start off. Yes, I'm a master of the obvious. Features on this level include the feud between the Green and the Gray goblins, the ankh shrine to the east, Hagbard and his outcasts, Navrey Night-Eyes the spider, and a toilet that, if you fall into it, will lead you to the second level.

Level 1 of UW1

Level 2 This is the stronghold of the Mountainmen. Other features here include the maze, Corby, who was Sir Cabirus' scribe and assistant, Shak in the mines, a gazer in the mines, a drain to level 3, and the Mountainmen's treasure room (password is "deco morono").

Level 2 of UW1

Level 3 This is the main home of the Lizardmen. Features include Zak who's scared of the dark, and there's a lake and a waterfall to the north-east, the bandits in the south who have some decent loot and the semi-hidden nook to the west where a gazer lives.

Level 3 of UW1

Level 4 This is the home of the Knights of the Order of Crux Ansata over to the west. Some trolls live here too, some friendlier than others. Other features include the renegade Rodrick, the Maze of Silas, the devious Bullfrog Puzzle, a hidden alcove in the water, and the outcasts, Oradinar and Linnet.

Level 4 of UW1

Level 5 Home of the Ghouls and a few Seers. This is a mightily confusing level to be honest. It's also the first level to feature lava. Other features include the tombs of Garamon and Sir Cabirus, the brokenhearted mage Judy, the mines of zanium and a lot of undead to kill or run away from.

Level 5 of UW1

Level 6 Home of the Seers. Lots of lava on this level. Hope you got the Dragon-skin boots! Features here include the Golem, the pit, the key-shaped room across the lava chasm from the hourglass room, an upset spectre named "Warren" (tip of the hat to Warren Spector). Pretty confusing place, especially the north-east area.

Level 6 of UW1

Level 7 Home of Tyball and his mana-killing orb. You cannot cast magic here until the mana-draining orb is destroyed. Other features include the hidden tombs area, Kallistan the Mountainman, the killer maze to get to Tyball, the lava chasm with all the elementals, dread spiders, Arial, Tyball's secure prison. Lots of things to kill on this level.

Level 7 of UW1

Level 8 Home of the Chamber of Virtue. This is the heart of the Great Stygian Abyss. Lots of annoying lava and monsters. Features here include Garamon's Bones, Carasso, the Slasher of Veils and the wisp that'll teach you the spell Armageddon. The dragon-skin boots here come in handy for sure.

Level 8 of UW1