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This is a new thing I've decided to embark upon. Essentially, they're walkthroughs, but presented as a story narrative. I'll add to these as I finish games. Can be considered a continual work in progress. Naturally, they contain spoilers.

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Antiquation alert: I rarely update some of these review pages. Take them for the "historical documents" that they are. And yes, many of them could use better screenshots too.

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A lot of the mentioned games aren't playable under Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP (or even older NT/2000) without help from emulators or memory managers such as DOSBox. Or if they do work, they do so without sound. I've tried to note where this is the case. One thing a lot of folk do that works is keep an older box around, like a Pentium 200 or something, loaded with Windows98 and DOS. It's cheap enough where that's not really an issue for most gamers nowadays. Another way, of course, is to use an emulator like DOSBox. In fact, if you buy many of these older games from somewhere like GOG, it'll come set up with it.

Of the reviewed games here, my favourite would be Realms of the Haunting, a sadly forgotten and unappreciated classic.

Play Blades of Time at all? Here's a trainer. Works with the latest Steam version.