Never asked questions

As nobody ever asks me a thing about this site, I thought I'd get vainglorious and write my own FAQ with questions I'd ask.

What's a "Ulujain"?
It's an invented word I made up in the early 1980s for a story. It has no meaning as far as I know, which isn't to say it doesn't in languages apart from English. If it does, it's unintentional.
How is it pronounced?
When I must say it, it's YOO-loo-jane, stress on the fist syllable. I'm over using it for user names, character names, board names, etc. Call it growing up. Nowadays, I tend to use just Peter (my name) or variants thereof. There's a minor amount of cringe using "ulujain" for anything in this day and age, but I'm perfectly happy with my domain being named the way it is.
Why .org?
Actually, this is one I have been asked by someone. No particular reason. Euphony more than anything else, I guess. It sounded better than .net or whatever.
What's about?
This place is a complete cornucopia of subjects. If I had to categorise it, it would be about computer gaming and images. In simple terms, it's a personal website.
Who are you?
A photo. View source (or look at the bottom of the page) and you may find my name. I share the same birthdate as actor C. Thomas Howell and basketball star Larry Bird, though they are a couple of years my senior.
What star sign are you?
Sagittarius, although I'm a total sceptic and have zero belief in any hocus pocus like astrology. The average crystal-twinkling incense-burning astrologer couldn't point out Sagittarius in the sky if you paid them. This picture may help.
What are your hobbies?
I'm a bit of a generalist when it comes to hobbies. There's no one hobby I could say I devote more time to than anything else. I like astronomy, messing around with web pages, writing and reading fiction, computer gaming, vegetable gardening, playing with my kids, fantasy and science fiction (games, novels, cartography et. al), seeking inner peace, etc.
What music do you like?
Generally post-punk and new wave. The Church would possibly be my favourite band, though I've lost touch with their stuff in recent years. The Cure (up to Disintegration), Gary Numan, This Ascension, Joy Division, Sad Lovers and Giants, The Chameleons, Jeremy Soule, Rush, early INXS, Gordon Lightfoot, Roxy Music, The Smiths, The Stranglers. I don't have mainstream tastes.
Is there any porn or warez here?
Negative on both. There's nothing on this site I offer for download that isn't legally available elsewhere equally freely. As for porn, there is nothing pornographic here.

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